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WPS 004: How To Get The Web Design Clients You Want with Vanessa Bucceri

Hosted by Cathy Sirvatka



How do you get new clients?

Should you work within a specific niche?  What exactly is a niche? You may hear the word a lot but aren't sure whether it means you should focus on a specific client type, or industry, or location.

When you first start your freelance web design business or if you have decided to niche in a specific way, you have to do extra work to acquire a client base. You have to build that new reputation to where people start to show up from word of mouth.

In this episode, I talk with designer, Vanessa Bucceri, who shares about the type of clients she works with. We talk about how to acquire clients when you're just starting out, and then honing in on your ideal client - those you love to work with. We discuss red flags that may pop up before agreeing to work with a client, and the possibility of needing to "fire" a client. Keep in mind, this is your business and you get to choose who to work with and who may not be a good fit. Working with the wrong client can be a real drag on your business and your motivation.

Vanessa also shares the top 3 problems her new clients face that instigates them to come to her in the first place. Asking your clients what their top issues are will help you help them. Understanding what has caused those problems will also help you decide on the right direction for the project.

As I went through this conversation, I found myself thinking not only about my clients' business but my own as well. Vanessa brings a lot of solid ideas to apply to both.





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