matt gilliam talks about AI and web design

WPS 006: AI in Web Design: Boosting Creativity and Efficiency with Matt Gilliam

Hosted by Cathy Sirvatka



There are a lot of questions surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence), especially for those of us who work in web design. Is it ethical to use AI tools like ChatGPT in our workflow? Will AI replace the need for web designers? I address these questions and more today with my guest, Matt Gilliam.

Matt is an innovative and creative freelance graphic and web designer, and he’s been using AI in his web design business since 2021.

He has tried and tested several AI tools in a myriad of ways for page layout, graphic design, and writing copy.

Listen in to find out what he’s learned along the w ay and what HE has found to be the best uses for AI at this time.


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