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WPS 007: Accessibility in Action: Strategies for Inclusive Web Design

Hosted by Cathy Sirvatka



Ever wondered how your website design could impact someone with a disability? Join me as I chat with Vanessa Russo, a passionate web designer and WordPress UI/UX design teacher, who shares her perspective on website accessibility. She shares with us the often overlooked importance of creating accessible and inclusive websites.

Our enlightening conversation delves into different facets of website design - color contrast, fonts, link cues, and heading usage. Vanessa, with her unique approach and her practical knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, educates us on three parts of website accessibility. We delve into the significance of consistent design patterns, which can lead towards providing an inclusive experience.

Our chat with Vanessa wraps up with some practical advice for designers and developers. From viewing each webpage as its own mini book, to maintaining correct tab order for accessibility, to dealing with clients' specific design ideas, Vanessa gives us useful tools and strategies. By the end, you'll be itching to implement her ideas into your own projects. Tune in for a conversation that holds the potential to revolutionize your approach to web designing.

Chrome extensions that help assess accessibility:



Figma / XD plugin:

Color contrast checker website:

Where you can find Vanessa Rusu:
Instagram: vanessarusu.studio
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessarusu/

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